Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair for many people is a defining part of our identity and hair loss can have a major negative psychological impact and affect one’s self-confidence.
There are many causes of hair loss including medical conditions such as anaemia and thyroid disease. Traumatic hairstyles and over processing hairstyles also contribute to hair loss.

There are several different manifestations of hair loss. We broadly divide them into scarring (usually permanent) and non-scarring hair loss.
It is paramount to seek help early on so that the dermatologist can assess and determine the cause of your hair loss and prevent progression to permanent hair loss.

Good Hair Grooming Recommendations:

  1. If possible keep your natural hair.
  2. Avoid weaving, tight ponytails, tight dreadlocks as this causes pulling of the hair out of their roots.
  3. Use mild relaxers every 4 – 6 months if you have to.
  4. Wigs are better for those with severe hair loss NOT glue or sowed on weaving!



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