Obagi Professional C Eye Brightener Serum


Vitamin C + Growth Factors

Advanced Anti-Ageing for Eyes

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Obagi Professional-C Eye Brightener Serum is a powerful brightening eye solution containing a blend of growth factors and Vitamin C. Helps to improve the appearance of dark circles and fine lines around the eye area of dark circles and fine lines.

Key ingredients include L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and SNAP-8, Acetyl-Octa peptide8 which helps to reduce muscle contractions. Kinetin and Zeatin, natural growth factors, help to improve firmness and even skin tone. They also assist to plump out deeper lines and wrinkles which commonly result in crow’s feet. Soft Focus Technology creates an optical diffusion, blurring the appearance of fine lines and shadows. Paraben-free.

How To Use: Apply the serum in the morning and/or evening to the eye area after cleansing. Allow to absorb and apply any other products your skincare regimen: moisturiser and sunscreen. First-time users should always introduce this product slowly to build up usage according to skin tolerance. Always apply a broadspectrum sunscreen during the day.


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