NeoStrata® Smooth Surface Glycolic Peel


Targeted Treatment

Rescue treatment for dry, flaking scaly skin

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Smooth surface daily pads provide gentle daily exfoliation which helps remove dead skin cells and speed up cell renewal to reveal radiant skin. They offer a low strength, superficial chemical peel in the comfort of your own home. They improve skin tone, refine the texture, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and improve superficial hyperpigmentation. The product should be introduced slowly according to skin tolerance.
Not suitable for sensitive, rosacea-prone or atopic skins.

Ingredients: Aminofil®
Glycolic Acid

How to use: Pour the entire bottle of the solution onto the jar of pads. Wipe the pad over the cleansed face every evening, avoiding lips and eyes. Gently massage in any remaining fluid. Does not require neutralization
This product contains a high percentage of Glycolic Acid, ensure you wear a high-factor broad-spectrum sunscreen when heading outdoors after using this product.



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