Lamelle Ovelle D3



Oral Supplement Skin Ageing & Pigmentation

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Lamelle Ovelle®D3 is a daily oral supplement that helps to reduce the processes that induce premature ageing of the skin. These include helping to preserve collagen, skin elasticity, free-radical damage, hormonally-induced pigmentation and also the appearance of melasma.

Key ingredients include the most powerful oral antioxidant available – Pycnogenol, a patented all-natural plant extract derived from the bark of the French Maritime Pine Tree. Vitamin D3 is essential for the development of bone growth and density and for the functioning of the nervous system. It is also essential for heart functioning and plays a role in calcium metabolism. It helps to increase the skin’s resistance to UVA by 80% to help reduce the risk of pigmentation. It also boosts the body’s production of hydrating hyaluronic acid and protecting your skin’s vital collagen and elastin.


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