Dealing with dry winter skin


As the temperature drops and the cold winds blow, the air is dry, and the low humidity, both indoors and outside, is hard can be hard on the skin! The combination of cold and dry outside and heated air indoors sends already-dry skin into a turmoil. The dehydration, redness, tightness, and flaking can be very uncomfortable.

To tackle this you do not need to change your entire skincare routine. All you need is to add one or two products to provide extra hydration and nourishment and keep the cold environment from sapping your natural radiance. This adaption is based on the assumption that the following basics of caring for your dry skin are already in place.

~ Using a soothing water-soluble cleanser loaded with skin-replenishing ingredients

~ Using a nourishing antioxidant as they play a uniquely important role when it comes to alleviating dry skin. Dry skin is often the result of the destructive effects of sun exposure.

~ Using a hydrating day and night moisturizer

~ Applying a fluid or cream-based broadspectrum sunscreen Sun damage can lead to even drier skin as it hinders its ability to hold moisture, so daily SPF is a must!

If all the basics are in order — all you need to do is add a couple of key products, as follows, to keep the winter weather from interrupting your skin’s healthy appearance:

~ Switch to a creamy water-soluble cleanser like the La Roche Posay Toleraine Dermo-Cleanser and Use a no need to rinse makeup remover like the La Roche Posay Physiological Micelle Water to avoid excessive cleansing

~ Apply a booster serum enriched with hyaluronic acid under your normal moisturizer like the SkinCeuticals HA Intensifier. By layering a series of hydrating ingredients, you build a stronger shield to protect against moisture loss.

~ At night, apply a super-rich restorative moisturizer, including on your neck and around the eyes like the Obagi Hydrate Luxe

~ If you want to enhance your beauty sleep and give your skin a super hydration boost overnight, apply a mask-like the Lamelle Lipid Recovery to help you wake up to unbelievably smooth, glowing skin

~ The skin on our bodies also needs some love and attention during this time, use a liquid cleanser, pat dry and apply your moisturizer immediately after bathing. I recommend the use of humectants like the Lamelle Serra Body Lotion as they work by attracting water and lock in the moisture for longer. For those dry cracked heels, hands, and elbows, the Neostrata Problem Dry Skin Cream is our go-to product.

Equally important as what to do is what to avoid, keep these pointers in mind:

~ If the skin is flaky, avoid facial cleansing brushes, toners, and scrubs
~ Avoid products that contain drying, sensitizing ingredients like denatured alcohol, essential oils, mint, menthol and clays.
~ Reduce the frequency of active ingredients like retinols according to your skin tolerance.
~ Avoid taking long, hot showers, baths. Although it certainly can feel relaxing, prolonged exposure to hot water and steam can deplete the key substances skin needs to resist stubborn signs of dryness.



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